“Our Ride For The Living event, inspired by the JCC in Krakow, was a very inspirational and emotional success. Because we feel the need to educate, pay respect to the survivors and keep the story of the Shoah alive, for it not to happen again, we prepared a special spinning 2-hour ride that was accompanied by images of the Krakow survivors arriving in Israel, images of the JCC activities for them and various takes on the participants. We filled the gap of the distance and time with our common objective of paying respect for those who endured the most horrible times of our History.” 

-    Dany Weil, Health & Wellness Director, Michael-Ann Russell JCC, Miami

JCC Krakow is partnering with the Jewish Community Center Association of North America (JCC Association) to offer a satellite Ride For The Living program to JCCs around the United States.


Through the month of June 2017, participating JCCs will hold dedicated Ride For The Living spin classes where participants will cycle to support Ride participants in Poland while learning about the renewal of Jewish life happening in Krakow.

Ways to connect to Ride For The Living 

  • Create a Ride For The Living event at your JCC so your members can bike alongside our community:
    • Consider sectioning off the stationary bikes in your fitness center on Friday, June 23rd (or another day in June) and opening up the bikes to your entire community (members and non-members) so they can ride with Krakow’s Jewish community.  Challenge your members (or teams of members) to reach 55-miles collectively throughout the day.  
    • If your JCC offers dedicated spin/cycling classes, consider creating a special class that will reach (collectively) 55-miles. 
    • Move your stationary bikes outside and invite the community to ride all day with JCC Krakow.
    • If you have an avid cycling community, organize your own 55-mile ride in your town (we can send you shirts/jerseys for the team)

There are also a number of ways your community can get involved directly

  • Send a group to participate!  We can facilitate the planning and travel for your group.  Information on costs, schedule and details can be found at www.ridefortheliving.org
  • Promote the Ride to your members, supporters and community through social media, posters and information at your JCC, newsletters, etc. (We can share/send marketing collateral).






2016 Satellite Ride For The Living events in the United States and Canada

2016 Satellite Ride For The Living events in the United States and Canada

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2015 Satellite Ride For The Living

2015 Satellite Ride For The Living