As over 90% of JCC Krakow's operating budget is raised overseas from individuals, families, synagogues, foundations, and Jewish Federations, we know that JCC Krakow's success depends on support from around the world.

In the past year, JCC Krakow has opened a preschool for our youngest members, provided daily services for over 70 Holocaust survivors, reached 650 Jewish members, and hosted another Jewish Culture Festival Shabbat Dinner – the largest in Krakow since before the war with 650 attendees! Most importantly, the JCC serves as an entry point for young people who have just discovered their Jewish roots and welcomes them back to the Jewish world with open arms.

In order to continue building a Jewish future in Krakow, Friends of JCC Krakow offers an Overseas Membership program for our friends and supporters around the world.

We have FIVE Overseas Membership levels:


Starts at $100 and provides 3 wellness sessions for a Holocaust Survivor. 


Starts at $360 and provides kosher food for our early childhood program for 2 weeks.  

Starts at $1,080 and sponsors 1 full year of programming for a Jewish Student Club member.

Starts at $1,800 and covers the cost of a kosher Shabbat dinner for the Jewish community of Krakow.

$5,400 and above, this generous donation covers transportation costs to and from JCC Krakow for 2 Holocaust survivors for 1 year.

All overseas members are welcome to use JCC Krakow's facilities and join the community for Shabbat dinner and holiday celebrations when visiting.