Here are a few of the groups at JCC Krakow impacted by your gift:


Jewish Education - Sunday school & nursery school

JCC Krakow’s Early Childhood Center offers full-time Jewish educational programming for our community’s youngest members through the age of six. Named FRAJDA, meaning "joy" in both  Polish and Yiddish, the Early Childhood Center provides a foundation for students' future success and increases students' familiarity with their Jewish heritage in our state-of-the-art facility.

Every Sunday from October to June, children between the ages of five and eleven come to the JCC for Jewish education. JCC Krakow’s Sunday School enhances a child’s Jewish experience through creative activities. The curriculum covers Jewish culture, traditions, history, holidays, and Hebrew language in a warm and friendly environment. Students learn through art, song, dance, games, and field trips.

Hillel gimel

JCC Krakow’s Hillel GIMEL Jewish Student Club serves as the meeting place for Krakow’s Jewish university students. Many Hillel GIMEL members first discovered their Jewish roots as teenagers and gained exposure to Jewish culture and heritage only upon moving to Krakow for university. Hillel GIMEL provides a forum for members to explore what Judaism means to them. New members receive guidance, information, and access to an array of Jewish activities to support their entry into the Jewish world.

Senior Club.jpg

Senior Club

As the cornerstone of Krakow’s Jewish community, the seniors—many of whom are child survivors of the Holocaust—serve as a source of guidance and information on Judaism for those who are first learning about their Jewish heritage.

The Senior Club space is open every day for members to meet each other, share a meal or a cup of coffee, and participate in our full schedule of programming. JCC Krakow arranges a wide variety of educational, fitness, social, and cultural activities. The Senior Club also provides kosher meals, physical therapy, welfare and medical services, language classes, community trips, and transportation to and from the JCC.

Some of our seniors are our most active participants in our weekly Shabbat dinners. Pani Zosia, for example, delivers a D'var Torah each week (available on YouTube).