As the Jewish holidays are a time to reflect, create, do mitzvot and give tzedakah, we would be delighted if your synagogue celebrated the 2016-2017 (5776-5777) holidays with us!

We are proposing a two-part holiday initiative:

  • Your community sponsors a JCC holiday(s) program of your choice
  • Our communities collaborate and create a program about the holiday of your choice to be held at both locations

Please see below a list of holidays we would like to celebrate with you, a donation amount that will sponsor the JCC's holiday program, and a few suggestions of collaborative programs or events.

Rosh Hashanah
(Oct 3-4, 2016)
& Yom Kippur
(Oct 12, 2016)

Donation: $3,600
Suggested Program Ideas:

• Exchange homemade honey and jam recipes
• Video shofar competition between your community and ours
• Send Rosh Hashanah cards to each other
• Have Sunday school children make tzedakah boxes for each other and learn about the meaning of giving


(Mar 12, 2017)

Donation: $1,800
Suggested Program Ideas:

• Share Purim hamentashen recipes
• Live streaming of our Purim parade
• Choose the same Purim party theme and compete for the best Purim costume

(Oct 17-23, 2016)


Donation: $3,600
Suggested Program Ideas:

• Create and exchange Sukkah decorations to each other's communities
• Do a teach and learn Skype session about the meaning of the holiday
• Have the JCC genealogist give a talk online about genealogy in the context of Jewish emigration to US from Poland

(Apr 11-18, 2017)

Donation: $5,400
Suggested Program Ideas:

• Create and exchange Seder plates
• Have children draw and send Haggadot
• Create and send Afikomen bags and plague decorations
• Live study and learn session

(Dec 25, 2016 -
Jan 1, 2017)

Donation: $4,500
Suggested Program Ideas:

• Share sufganiyot and latkes recipes
• Our choirs share and record songs for a performance
• Make and send menorahs, candles, and decorations to each others communities


Yom HaAtzmaut & JCC's 9th Birthday

Donation: $3,600
Suggested Program Ideas:

• Create and send scrapbooks of our communities traveling to Israel
• Our choirs learn, sing, and perform Israeli songs
• Film screening and/or book discussion about Israel

To learn how your synagogue can be involved email us here

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We need your help to continue to build a Jewish future in Krakow. 
Your gift has a direct and lasting impact on the lives of
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