Ride For The Living Creates New Programs for Our Survivors!

The funds from the 2015 Ride For The Living went towards a year of programming for our seniors. Read about how the Ride made an impact on the senior community from Małgorzata, Zofia, and Fryda.


I have really enjoyed all the new senior activities at the JCC! One of our favorite classes was mind training. We learned several games that we can also practice at home that will help build our memory muscle. Before taking this class, we only played card games, bridge or checkers. Now, we can do challenging mind development games that strengthen our memory and awareness. Another activity that we’ve really enjoyed is English class. Our goal is to be able to converse with JCC’s visitors. This year the seniors were offered more sessions of rehabilitation class each week which are important to us. All of the activities are truly enjoyed by the seniors.

Senior University has deepened our knowledge about Jewish culture and traditions. Every student received a report card and which we all enjoy because it brings back memories of being a child in school! The professors are very friendly and having the classes at the JCC makes it easy for the seniors to attend.

Shabbat dinner is very important to the seniors and we start discussing on Wednesday who will be attending dinner that week. It has become a tradition for the seniors to sit together for the meal. Another one of our favorite traditions is when Zosia, one of our Senior Club member, explains the parsha. For some of our seniors who are not able to attend activities during the week, Shabbat dinner is very important to them because it makes them feel like they are a part of the community.



I really enjoy mind training at the JCC. These classes are stimulating and exercise our perception and intelligence. English classes are also enjoyed by the seniors and our teacher is engaging which makes it very easy to learn and understand the language. These classes help expand our abilities and has had a positive influence on us.

I really like Senior University because of the diversity of topics and classes. People can come to the JCC not only for social reasons but to also learn something new and it encourages us to read more.

Shabbat dinners are for me one of the most important events here at the JCC. Spending Shabbat with the community and with so many friends is a blessing. This is the proper way of spending Shabbat. I can’t imagine my life without these moments.

Since the beginning, JCC Krakow has been focused on the seniors and youth. The seniors are taken care of and are active in the community. We help the youth by teaching them our Jewish culture and tradition. The JCC is really valued and a source of happiness for me and the community.


I really enjoyed the mind training classes at the JCC. We were learned different games and exercises that are good for our mind and thinking. It meant a lot to us that we did it as a group so we can practice in our free time together. It’s great to these classes as an addition to the social function of our Senior Club. I like being a part of Senior University and attend all of the lectures.

I am here every week for our Shabbat dinners and I always sit with my friends from the Senior Club. The meals are delicious and I enjoy everyone’s company. I am learning English and hope I can speak with groups from abroad soon!

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