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Meet Our Members - Agnieszka, Weronika & Anna!

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Agnieszka has a degree in biology but currently she works in real estate and renovation of buildings. She is interested in design, architecture, and the history of Krakow. She is a cinema aficionado, a cat person, and a traveler who likes discovering new places on her trips. She has a twin sister.

Weronika, Agnieszka’s daughter, likes cooking and discovering new cuisines; she is especially fond of Asian cuisine. Just as her mother and aunt Anna, Weronika is passionate about discovering the unknown history of their family. She regularly campaigns for improving the welfare of farm animals. Her British Shorthair Sven is her most treasured friend.

Anna, Agnieszka’s sister, is a clinical psychologist. She started working on clinical trials of new drugs together with her father, who was a professor of psychiatry and worked as the head of the Department and Clinic of Psychiatry in Krakow. She has been married for 26 years. She has a 22-year-old son, who currently lives and studies in England. Together with her sister, she enjoys travelling around the world as well as discovering new places in and around Krakow. She is interested in medicine, biology, and popular culture. Agnieszka and Anna were raised in an atheist family. Therefore, they are more interested in Judaism from a cultural than a religious standpoint. Before discovering their Jewish roots and becoming JCC members, they have attended various events organized by the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow and have expressed their interest in Jewish culture.