Meet Our Volunteer - Ania

Each month we will share a blog post about the Volunteer of the Month featured in our JCC 2017 calendar which features the young adults, most of whom are not Jewish who spend their time volunteering at the JCC to help us rebuild Jewish life in Krakow.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Krakow and have been living here my whole life.

Why did you decide to volunteer at the JCC?

It started four years ago. I was looking for some information about synagogues and other Jewish heritage sites in the city and I came across an announcement that the JCC was looking for volunteers who wanted to help out during 7@Nite - the Night of the Synagogues festival. I decided to apply, and that decision changed my life. This adventure still continues...

What is your best JCC experience?

I've been a volunteer here for four years, so it's not easy to choose just one. But I think that the best thing is having the opportunity to to speak to many people from all over the world. I spend many hours at reception, and it has helped me to become less shy, and now I'm not as shy around people as I used to be. But the most precious thing is is that I can listen to the stories of people who come to the JCC and why it is important to them. I am also grateful to have become good friends with the other volunteers.

What is one of your favourite things at the JCC?

It's really hard to choose. There are many factors. First of all, the people - they are nice and helpful. Second, I like helping during Shabbat dinners and Jewish holidays. At these events I have an opportunity to be with JCC members, as well as learn about Jewish culture and traditions. Every day I get to learn something new.