A Message From Our Senior Club

From the beginning of the JCC’s existence, seniors and especially those who survived Shoah, were cared for.  This means we not only meet together in great conditions but also meet Jews from different generations and take an active part in all JCC events.  Senior Club members are here every day to share meals together and create an active Jewish life – one that we were not allowed to have until recently.  The idea to organize a trip to Israel has been floating about for a few years.  Thanks to the Ride for the Living and it's supporters, we are able to finally make this dream a reality.  This is so important because many of our members have never been to Israel before and for others it is a last chance.
On the top of everyone’s minds is the opportunity to spend Shabbat in Jerusalem and visit the Kotel.  We will be meeting our beloved former Chief Rabbi of Krakow Boaz Pash who, along with Rabbi Avi, will be leading our Shabbat services.  Even more important, a visit to Yad Vashem will allow our Holocaust Survivors and their spouses to see the Avenue of the Righteous – which honors those specific individuals who were directly responsible for saving our members and their families. 
We are so excited to have the opportunity to spend time together outside of Poland and Krakow.  It is very rare for us to travel at all – let alone in such a big group.  Pan Aleksander, who has limited abilities to walk, will still be making the trip because it is so important for him to see Israel – even from the bus.  On a lighter note, another highlight of the trip will be a visit to swim in the Dead Sea.  Pani Fryda even bought a new swimsuit!  Our Seniors are a lively bunch who love their native “Wodka” but they are also very excited to try Israel’s famous Arak. 

- Zofia Radzikowska, Vice-President of the Krakow Branch of the Child Survivors of the Holocaust  & JCC Krakow Senior Club Member